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KazAgro 2018 – International Exhibition of Agriculture and Food Industry

KazFarm 2018 — International Exhibition of Cattle-breeding and Poultry Yards







Kazakhstan is a transcontinental country located on border of Europe and Asia, one of the leading countries of Central Asia. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world. The republic proclaims itself a democratic, constitutional country. The financial system of Kazakhstan, political and economic stability promote preservation of a high rating of Kazakhstan in the world. Commercial relations successfully develop with many countries of Europe, Asia, CIS and USA.

Kazakhstan is an agro-industrial country with dynamically developing market economy. The main source of economic growth is mining. There are richest fields of non-ferrous metals, uranium. Kazakhstan also has considerable reserves of oil and gas. Nowadays the country belongs to the group of the world’s leading oil-producing states.

Agriculture is considered to be one of the key sectors of the Kazakh economy. The main directions of Kazakhstan agro-industrial complex is plant growing and animal husbandry. Total land area of Kazakhstan is 272 million hectares, including 226.6 million hectares of agricultural land purposes. Grain crops, especially, wheat, rice, cotton, forage and industrial crops are grown. Kazakhstan holds the third place in CIS after Russia and Ukraine with the production of wheat and the republic is one of the world’s major wheat and flour exporters.

Vegetable growing, melon growing, beekeeping is developed.

The variety of the Kazakhstan environment causes considerable potential opportunities for livestock-breeding development. The key areas of the livestock-breeding are sheep breeding, horse breeding, camel breeding and cattle breeding. Poultry farming, pig breeding, maral breeding and fishery are also developed in the country.

Annually the Government of Kazakhstan increases subsidy of the republic agrarian sector. Within the “Agribusiness 2020” state program 10 billion dollars are planned to be allocated for the branch development, among them are: updating the fleet of the agricultural machinery which deterioration makes 87%, effectively carrying out field and harvest works, acquisition of cattle, organization of feedlots, improvement of the epizootic situation, etc..


We invite you to take part in the Kazakhstan International agricultiral exhibitions “KazAgro/KazFarm’2018”!


“KazAgro/KazFarm’2017” – events that are aimed at the increase of Kazakhstan commodity producers’ competitiveness by means of modern technologies implementation in domestic goods and services production and promotion to the internal and external markets. Exhibitions are carried out as a platform for presentation of industry innovations, modern products, technologies and services, further the intensive dialogue between AIC (agro industrial complex) manufacturers and consumers.

Exhibitions will take place on October 24-26, 2018 in the exhibition center «Korme» in Astana.






Cattle-breeding and poultry-breeding.

Cattle-breeding and dairy farms.

Cattle and poultry feeding, production and storage of feed.

The newest rations of nutrition for cattle and poultry, concentrates, premixes, feed and vitamin additives.

Genetics and selection in cattle-breeding.

Veterinary medicine and biological additives.

Equipment and technologies for slaughter-houses and butcheries.

Package and packaging equipment.

Transportation, warehousing, freezing and storage.

Trade, weight and refrigerator equipment.

Hygiene and safety of the production, utilization of wastes.

Modern technologies and equipment for cattle breeding, poultry-breeding and bee-farming.

Agro ecology.

Research, working out, institutes, publications.






Agricultural machinery, equipment and spare parts.

Modern technologies of production, harvesting.

Vehicles for small agricultural businesses, farms, country houses.

The newest technologies of irrigating, sprinkling and drainage.

Package of agricultural products, packaging material

Agricultural construction, warehouses and storage equipment.

Gardening, vine-yards, hot housing.

Biotechnologies, quality control of agricultural raw materials and products.

Means of protecting plants, fertilizers and their using technologies.

Production of feed.

Technologies of closed soil.

Genetics and selection in planting.

Seeds, sprouts, vegetables-fruit.

Agro ecology.

Flour-grinding equipment.

Equipment for food and processing industry.

Agricultural science and education, publications.






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Information for participants and visitors of the International exhibitions of agriculture «KazAgro/KazFarm 2018 ″

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